Our modern 41,000 Sq. ft. main plant  houses the cutting/bending/forming/shaping equipment and the frame rail processing area.

*New*! 4.5 KW Mitsubishi Laser
Cutting capacity is 22 gage up to 1 inch using mild steel or QT 100 and 1/2” Stainless steel cutting capacity. This work center is complimented by ProNest programming to maximize material usage, efficient dual table to reduce material handling costs and vacuum lifter for loading material safely and maintaining visual material quality.

2125 460 Amp Edge Master Plasma
Cutting capacity is 20 gage up to and including 3” material.   This work center is complimented by ProNest programming to maximize material usage, 5 ton crane for loading material safely.

Various Band/Chop saws (vertical and horizontal) shears and other cutting equipment.

250 ton x 12”, 110 x 10”) brake presses
Complimented by 2 ton overhead crane.

Ercolina CE-70 Angle/Ring Roll Max
Pipe capacity 3” sch 40 with a min. Radius of 24”. Max Angle capacity 3”x3”x3/8. We can form structural shapes such as angle iron, bar stock (round and flat), pipe, tube, square tube, rectangular tube, channels and H-beams. Structural shapes can be rolled in different ways such as “easy-way”, the “hard-way”, leg in/out. This process can roll work pieces into full circles depending on the diameter and material of the circle.

*New*! Carell 4RH-CNC Control 4 roll Plate roll
3/8” capacity with high polish roll surfaces for material protection and cone rolling capabilities.

Frame Rail Department
Consists of a 40 Pocket Tool Matrix, Drilling, Milling, Tapping and Boring station with 50 ft. bed capacity and capable of 0.008” accuracy and 0.005” repeatability. This department also houses a plasma cutting station for custom cut outs in the web or flanges for all chassis components, a Telesis VIN number stamping machine, a deburring washing station and a dedicated Z-welding station.