Crown West Quality
ISO 9001:2015 Certified; A quality system recognized globally as a company committed to the principal of Total Quality Management.
Quality Policy
Crown West’s Quality Program was developed to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, supported by several principals and certifications.
We support an environment of Total Quality Management that is reflected in all levels of our company. The staff and management teams are committed and encouraged to work toward continual improvement of our products, services and manufacturing processes. Dedicated personnel, and teams work together to maintain our system and implement quality process and improvements.
Our facility is certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau to level W47.1 in Division 2 to ensure that our welders and procedures meet our customer requirements.
Manufacture of steel and stainless steel truck components (CSA W47.1 in Division 2). Custom Steel Fabrication.
Fabrication of miscellaneous steel and steel plate works for the oil and gas, and mining and milling  industries. A broad range of products such as holding tanks, mini storage building components, and skid packages API-650 storage tank components ie: roof & shell nozzles, repads, sumps, internal piping, stilling wells, cleanout door assemblies etc. to name a few.  Also included is the manufacture of portable saw mill equipment and fabrication of pipe supports and trailer components.