For over 25 years Crown West has been a leading provider of innovative fabrication solutions for all industries requiring steel, stainless steel and aluminum precision fabrications and assemblies. Call or email us today for more information.


Since 1993 we have expanded to over 47,000 square feet in plant capacity staffed with qualified personnel who are experienced with carbon steel, QT material, stainless steel, and aluminum.


Crown West provides a full spectrum of services to meet your metal fabrication requirements including prototyping, assemblies.

Custom & Heavy Fabrication

Added in 2005, our 5800 + sq. ft. heavy fabrication department was designed and equipped for fabricating extremely large projects primarily used in the mining, oil and gas industries.

Machining Department

CNC machining has become the industry standard for efficient manufacturing of batch parts. Machined parts produce faster fit up and cleaner edges or bevels for welding, this is excellent for quality and repeatability in our fabricated products.